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Taksi Rovaniemi

Taksi Rovaniemi is a traditional taxi brokerage company owned by residents of Rovaniemi. We invest in quality in all our activities. You can recognize our modern, stylish cars from afar by the red reindeer antler logo. Our fleet also includes suitable cars for people with reduced mobility and groups.

We transport customers mainly in the Rovaniemi region. On request, we also transport our customers further afield. By ordering in advance, you can arrange a comfortable trip even as far as Norway or Sweden.

Good customer service
24 hours a day

Our customer service-oriented, professional drivers will take you there around the clock. Most of our drivers also speak English. You can order a ride by calling 0600 14000.

We also recommend downloading our mobile app. It makes ordering a ride even easier!

Taksi Rovaniemi

Order in advance

During busy times, it is good to order a car in advance.

You can make a pre-order by calling or through the Taksi Rovaniemi application.

Taksitolpalla • Taksi Rovaniemi
Taksi Rovaniemi
Taksitolpalla • Taksi Rovaniemi

Our taxi’s in the center of rovaniemi

You can recognize our taxi poles by their reindeer antlers and red-black look. Welcome to a local and reliable taxi.


In Taksi Rovaniemi’s versatile fleet, you can find a suitable fare for a wide range of needs. When ordering a taxi, please state the number of passengers and any special needs. Please also tell us if a pet is traveling with you.

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  • Henkilötaksit
  • Tilataksit
  • Inva-autot
  • Paaritaksi

Pakettikuljetukset »

Kuljetamme puolestasi myös kirjeet ja paketit perille. Kysy lisää: info@taksirovaniemi.fi

Taksi Rovaniemi Premium »

Meiltä saa taksikuljetuksen myös ilman ulkoisia tunnisteita esimerkiksi edustuskuljetuksiin. Kysy lisää: info@taksirovaniemi.fi


Taksi Rovaniemi
Pulkamontie 6 G7
96900 Saarenkylä

0600 14000

Y-tunnus: 1041984-1

Luotettava Kumppani • Taksi Rovaniemi
Suomen Taksiliitto, jäsen • Taksi Rovaniemi
Taksi Rovaniemi